Donebeetle is run by two idealistic and yet ruthlessly practical people.

Nancy is a blend of engineering and art. Obsessed with all things Japanese, drawn to the great feats of modern architecture, and inspired by clean and quirky designs, her drive to make things aesthetically pleasing keeps Donebeetle’s creations looking sleek and refined. She has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and an M.A. in Architecture. Is it a wonder that she has a passion for things that work well and look good?

Matt studies anatomy and neuroscience for pleasure. He’s been building websites and writing odds and ends all over the place since 1997. He’s obsessed with functionality, convenience, and efficiency, and believes that good copy can’t be copied. His interest in how people move and think helps keep Donebeetle’s creations user- and customer-friendly. He has a B.A. in World Literature and a minor in German and several certifications in rehabilitative therapies for people with chronic pain. Seeing businesses with no website or bad websites makes him cry inside.

So why Donebeetle?

If you’ve never heard of a dung beetle or aren’t really sure what it is that makes dung beetles so fascinating, check out the dung beetle entry on Wikipedia. We’ll wait.

Did you learn something? Were you fascinated by the fact that dung beetles will take another animal’s poo, gather clumps over 1000 times their weight, and push those clumps in perfectly straight lines no matter what stands in their path? Do you find it amazing that a little bug work that hard to turn crap into something worth eating (or laying eggs in)?

Donebeetle is your personal dung beetle — we get your dung done.

Let’s get it dung!

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