Donebeetle provides a full array of business building goodness. That means we:

  • create logos that make you giddy
    • logos that encapsulate the true inspiration behind your business
    • logos that ensure that your brand is recognized and remembered
    • logos that stand out in black/white and color (so even the inkjet in the back office can make a decent flyer)
  • make and support websites that make your customers giddy
    • websites with clean, bold designs for great user experience
    • websites that are SEO’ed for maximum Google Juice
    • websites that are designed for easy maintenance (so you won’t need to constantly ask for help!)
    • websites that are optimized on the backend for fast page loads
    • websites with hosting that is affordable and reliable
  • help you craft practical and affordable marketing solutions for your business (so you get giddy)
    • marketing solutions with ROI in mind
    • marketing solutions that fit into the scope of your business
    • marketing solutions that just work

Sounds magical, right?

We start with simple questions to understand you, your business, and — most importantly — the way your customers will interact with your business, your brand, and your site. Along every step of the way, we aim for quality, consistency, and simplicity, so that you find your audience, and your audience finds you.